Jessica Miller was born in Oregon, USA. During the 70’s she grew up traveling North and Central America, Hawaii and the Caribbean. This early exposure to languages, cultures and lifestyles gave Jessica a mind wide-open. Schooled by the world until she was 11 years old, her high intelligence and passion for people paved the road on which she now travels as an artist, a designer, a mother, an activist and a crusader for peace.

From her teens onward, Jessica lived in South Florida, including Key West. She graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale as one of the top 4 students of her class, with an Associates Degree in Advertising Design. She worked in advertising for 10 years before starting her own magazine and graphic design company in Fort Lauderdale. After a series of transitions, Jessica moved solely into the publishing arena, relishing the communicative nature of magazines. She currently resides in Ocala, Florida and designs for Ocala Magazine.

During all of these years Jessica has been an artist with immense creativity and unique styles, always growing and reaching for the next breakthrough. She feels more alive when painting than most any other time, and is pleased to be following her bliss.